"The Queen of Diamonds” is Tracey Landau’s debut novel, now on sale on,, and Amazon!

Leslie Adams doesn’t often get angry, upset, or worried. So when Molly, his sister, first disappeared, Les kept calm and used his head. When he was nearly killed in a house explosion while searching for his sister, well, that rattled him a bit, but still Les kept his wits about him. Now the police are blaming him for the explosion, as well as a botched robbery in which a woman was killed. His schizophrenia is becoming a problem, he’s being stalked by a mysterious woman that may or may not exist, and his siblings are questioning his sanity. Understandably, Les is feeling a bit stressed, but he has everything under control. More than that, his delusions are the key to discovering the truth about the robbery and his sister’s disappearance. At least, that’s what he hopes.

The psychological mystery is also paired with Mel Gilden’s classic-style whodunnit, “The Lucky Duck Affair” in Wildside Press’s new mystery double. Physical copies of the double and digital copies of each book are available here:

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