Tracey Landau

VFX Artist Seattle, WA

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    Crystal Dynamics
    May 2021 – Present

Creating AAA VFX, as well as setting up and documenting new FX pipelines, for Perfect Dark and Marvel's Avengers. This includes building complex systems, fx templates, and new modules in Niagara, fx content programming, set dressing, creating fluid sims in Embergen and Houdini, modeling, flipbook and texture creation, material authoring, library and task management, bug fixing, and optimization. Highlights so far include FX throughout the Klaw Raid mission in Wakanda, such as environmental FX and sonic EMP bursts, and special Spiderman takedowns.

    Hardsuit Labs
    August 2019 – May 2021

Made AAA VFX for Bloodlines 2, starting from concept design and storyboarding, texture creation, and fluid simulations, to creating particle systems, material/shader building, modelling, content programming, environment dressing, and setting up VFX in sequences/timelines. Identified VFX needs, tracked tasks, set up pipelines, and optimized VFX performance. Also briefly joined the FX team on Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies. Highlights would be all the fantastic and unique Vampire ability VFX I was able to create, allowing me the opportunity to create complex, more AAA-quality effects than ever before.

    Harebrained Schemes
    August 2018 – June 2019

Created particle systems and fluid simulations, flipbooks, concept designs, and materials/shaders. Built fx libraries, managed VFX technological needs, and updated fx and art across different projects. I also helped with some creative preproduction tasks such as research and documentation. Highlights would include fx for building destruction, designing holograms and video ads for environments, and explosions. Titles worked on include:

~ BattleTech: Urban Warfare
~ BattleTech: Flashpoint
~ BattleTech

    Wargaming Seattle
    January 2018 – August 2018

Created photorealistic effects and connected them in game with proper logic, created fluid sims, did environment fx dressing, fixed bugs and performance problems, and built materials/shaders for Wargaming’s unreleased title. Highlights include realistic smoke and fire, flimsy destruction, and subtle environmental fx (sand, falling ash, blowing newspaper, etc).

    Telltale Games
    May 2015 – January 2018

Created particle systems and sprites, implemented fx in timelines, did environment fx dressing,
managed JIRA and assigned work across the team, and built shaders for games shipped across all
platforms on a compressed schedule. Highlights include various mystical sci-fi fx in Guardians of the Galaxy, explosions in Batman, and fire, smoke, and ash in The Walking Dead: Michonne. Titles I've worked on are:

Releasing in 2017:

~ Minecraft Story Mode: Above and Beyond
~ Batman Enemy Within: Fractured Mask
~ Minecraft Story Mode: Below the Bedrock
~ Guardians of the Galaxy: Don't Stop Believin
~ Batman Enemy Within: The Pact
~ Minecraft Story Mode: Jailhouse Block
~ Guardians of the Galaxy: Who Needs You
~ Batman Enemy Within: The Enigma
~ Minecraft Story Mode: Giant Consequences
~ Guardians of the Galaxy: More Than a Feeling
~ Minecraft Story Mode: Hero in Residence
~ Guardians of the Galaxy: Under Pressure
~ Walking Dead Ep. 305
~ Walking Dead Ep. 304
~ Walking Dead Ep. 303
~ Guardians of the Galaxy: Tangled Up in Blue

Released in 2016:

~ Walking Dead Ep. 302
~ Walking Dead Ep. 301
~ Batman: City of Light
~ Batman: Guardians of Gotham
~ Batman: New World Order
~ Batman: Children of Arkham
~ Minecraft Story Mode: A Journey's End
~ Batman: Realm of Shadows
~ Minecraft Story Mode: Access Denied
~ Minecraft Story Mode: A Portal to Mystery
~ Walking Dead: Michonne Ep. 3
~ Walking Dead: Michonne Ep. 2
~ Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 105
~ Walking Dead: Michonne Ep. 1

Released in 2015:

~ Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 104
~ Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 103
~ Game of Thrones Ep. 106
~ Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 102
~ Tales from the Borderlands Ep. 5
~ Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 101
~ Tales from the Borderlands Ep. 4
~ Game of Thrones Ep. 105
~ Tales from the Borderlands Ep. 3

    Tristar Products, Inc.
    November 2011 – April 2015

• September 2012 – April 2015
On-set VFX supervisor and logo/product animation artist for Tristar’s television commercials and other spots. Created concept designs and did modeling & texturing, animation, and compositing. Projects include commercials for the Dancing Jewel collection, Genie brand items, Clear TV Antenna, Health Master Elite, Perfecter, Little Yello Steamer, Flex-able Hose, Power Grater, and others.

• November 2011 – September 2012
Created motion graphics and did graphic design, compositing, and other post FX. Worked on sales videos and television commercials for products including Silly Slippeez, Iron Maid, Flex-Able Hose, MagicLite Pillow, QTech Pots & Pans, and Great Value Vacations packages to Ireland

    Stray (feature film)
    December 2014 – March 2015

“Stray” is an independent dramatic feature.
• Replaced backgrounds and added steam, smoke, and fire in key scenes of the film, which
included green screening and compositing
• Worked closely with the cinematographer while performing color correction and color grading
for the entire film

    Kollins Communications
    March 2014 – December 2014

Created concept designs, did video & photo compositing, 3D modeling, and animation for advertisements & demo videos for Samsung and Sharp product commercials and spots.

    Dark Tarot (feature film)
    June 2012 – December 2012

“Dark Tarot” is a made-for-TV feature thriller.
• Worked closely with the director on set as VFX Supervisor
• Created 3D sequences, added fog, green screening, compositing, and color correction
• Designed and animated the film's opening title sequence


  • Unreal (including Blueprints, Niagara, Cascade)
  • Unity
  • 3D Studio Max (including particle flow)
  • Maya
  • FumeFX
  • Houdini
  • Substance Painter
  • After Effects (including Element 3D, Particular, Form)
  • Photoshop

Other Skills: Compositing (VFX for film, set extensions, color correction, tracking, etc), on-set VFX supervising, motion graphics, animation, modeling, writing


BA Computer Animation, Fairleigh Dickinson University 2010, magna cum laude
Study Abroad (Semester) Wroxton College, Oxfordshire, England 2010


Gold 2013 Pixie Award – An Introduction to Special Effects
Winning entry of the 2012 MCA-I Shameless Self Promotion Video Competition
Honorable Mention, 2011 Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival – An Introduction to Special Effects
Best Animation Award, 2009 FDU Film Festival – Words, Words, Words