Visual Effects

Video FX Reel


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Game VFX Reel

BattleTech Urban Warfare: Environment fx, building destruction, electrical and coolant explosions, prop destruction (including vehicles), holo-logos, in-game video ads, and other fx

BattleTech Flashpoint: Propane tank explosion, environment fx including particle fish, rain, and waterfalls

Guardians of the Galaxy: Magical and sci-fi fx

Batman, The Telltale Series: Sparks, electricity, explosions, muzzle flashes, blood, dust and debris

Minecraft Story Mode: Character flashes, explosions, and feathers

Walking Dead Michonne: Particle and mesh fire, smoke, ash, and embers


Wargaming Seattle VFX Reel

Environment fx creation and set dressing, smoke & fire fluid simulations, shader building, destruction simulation adjustments, artillery fx, particle fx, flimsy destruction


Samples of VFX Blueprints and complex materials/shaders built in Unreal.


Video VFX Reel

Worked in 3D Studio Max (FumeFX, particle flow, V-Ray, etc), After Effects, Photoshop, and Maya:

Dark Tarot: A made-for-TV feature thriller for which I served as the on-set VFX Supervisor, lead FX artist, and compositor. I also designed and animated the title sequence for the film.

Created fire effects for lunar module in promotional video using FumeFX.

Tristar Products: Product & logo animation artist for multiple commercials. The projects shown are for Clear TV HD Antenna and Power Grater.

Kollins Communications: Multiple commercials and spots for clients including Samsung and Sharp. In the first shot, everything on the phone screen was composited, with fake radio stations, playlists, etc before then adding flying logos. For Samsung’s refrigerator TV commercial I created textures and the 3D environment. I built the following two animations, composited 3D TV models with video, and designed a logo animation/transition using particles.

Mega Cities: Jakarta: An episode of “Mega Cities” which aired on National Geographic Channel. All animation and post effects were done by Worlds Away Productions in NYC. For this project I collected global images and maps that were used as matte paintings for the introduction’s zoom-in; modeled highways and several buildings to scale; helped create the animated environment of Jakarta, Indonesia by collecting models and accurately placing buildings, roads, and rivers according to real world maps and satellite photos. I also created splines for every existing road, proposed road, canal, and territory & flood area outline.


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